fielogosmallInsurance coverage and risk 
Everyone can enter to the FIE through the inscription to the affiliated clubs or associations. Each member is automatically insured with the inscription. This allows them to carry out all the proposed activities that take place in every part of Italy through affiliated associations, in total insurance coverage; every member can take advantage of the conventions and use the facilities such as shelters and seats.

Magazine “Escursionismo”
Every member can receive the official magazine “Escursionismo” and be updated on all activities at National and European level.

Network of information on trails and receptivity 
Every member can take advantage of an infinite series of information on trails, receptivity and other through a wide network of collaborators volunteers scattered throughout Italy and Europe.

Seriousness and professionalism of the Guides (A. E. N.) 
The Federation fights the improvisation, which is often root cause of incidents, taking care of the training and ensuring the competence of your guides thanks to multidisciplinary courses, which allow the inclusion of the guides at a national register FEE, which is affiliated since 1972 and the only one to represent Italy.