Aula Verde Altolina


AULA VERDE ALTOLINA – via Trinity, 1 – Pale

L’Association Valle Umbra Trekking of Foligno, which counts more than 250 members, manages to 13 years, in agreement with the town of Foligno, the AULA VERDE ALTOLINA ALTOLINA housed in the former elementary school of blades. The building with a large green area, 8 km far from Foligno, is situated on a spur of travertine at the base of the majestic limestone massif of Sasso of Pale (910m.) passed through cavities and caves. Magnificent views of the valley below dug from the river Menotre along which the remains of ancient mills, fulling-mill and hydroelectric plants bear witness to the intense activities that took place in the valley of the Altolina from the middle ages to our days. A wealth anthropogenic perfectly integrated with the historical and architectural features including l’hermitage of S. M. Jacob, the nearby Benedictine Abbey of Sassovivo and the castles of Pale and Scopoli immersed in a geo-biodiversity, elusive, in the space of a few  kilometers square, consisting of igrofili – ilex old trees and Mediterranean woods.

Knowing, appreciating, exploiting and protecting these emergencies represents the mission of the Aula Verde Altolina. 

The Aula Verde Altolina was recognized as the first FIE training center in Italy.

Periodically the structure gives hospitality to hikers groups, seminars, conferences and training courses on environmental issues, also about the voluntary service or private and institutional issues; currently the Aula Verde Altolina is the FIE head office in Umbria and Regional Committee that counts 500 associated.

It is also the home of the National Center for environmental training of FederTreK.

Schools, in collaboration with the Laboratory of Experimental Sciences of Foligno, can take place educational activities through projects that deal with the knowledge of the environment and its dense networks of relationships through the practice of the excursionism. The lab fits students from secondary school by encouraging the scientific method, also pupils from primary schools with an approach to knowledge based on perceptual stimulation-sensory. For all educational activities the Aula Verde Altolina uses of environmental operators, excursionists, guides , teachers and the scientific cabinets of the Laboratory of Experimental Sciences of Foligno.

The Valle Umbra Trekking Board thanks to the Administration of Foligno for the contribution who has dedicated the Aula Verde Altolina of Pale to Omer Savina excursionist and figure of reference in FIE. He has always been committed to environmental issues covering also political and important institutional roles. Omero has been for many years FIE National Counsellor, President of the Commission Excursionism and Training and has represented the F. I. E. itself at the parliamentary mixed group “Friends of the Mountain”. It was also a member of the Commission, established by the region of Umbria, to enable the profession of environmental excursionism guides. He has conjugated these interests with political commitments and institutional in particular has been appointed by the Mayor of the town of Foligno for the management of the Regional Park of Colfiorito where, with its many initiatives, contributed to its protection and promotion (monitoring and promotion of the area).

For the Aula Verde Altolina, Omero was one of the promoters for its construction and leader with a management aimed at improving both the structure (photovoltaic system) that the training proposals for schools, excursionists and professional guides. The national and local awards obtained from the Aula Verde altolina in these years of activity, were merit of Omero who was able to transmit environmental sensitivity and management skills, to coordinate a group of work, including many young people, that with commitment and professionalism continue, even in his memory, to promote projects and activities.


Valle Umbra Trekking

 Mariangela Salari