The Condotti from Cascia

I Condotti di cascia

It is an association of social promotion, constituted in Cascia in 2007. It pursues exclusively promotion purposes and social solidarity:

  • Promoting the knowledge and the enhancement of places and cultural paths
  • Carrying out initiatives to the recovery and the development of roads, footpaths, mule and tracks of the territory of the Valnerina
  • Promoting and organizing activities for young people in order to strengthen the knowledge of the territory
  • Promoting the territory by enhancing the cultural and tourist vocation
  • Promoting events by having the purpose of socialization in suitable contexts to know, respect and value the environment and territory
  • Supporting and promoting the embodiment of adequate infrastructure and services to the institutions, so as to ensure the enjoyment even by people with disabilities, and, more generally, to all those who are united by the common theme of respect for the environment and nature.

The association “I Condotti” adheres to CESVOL (Service Center of the volunteerism of Perugia) and FIE (Federazione Italiana Escursionismo).
Its place is Cascia – Via Abrunamonte of Chiavano, 16 – 06043
Contatti: Roberto Agostini,

Main activities

  • Excursions in Cascia territory , in the Valnerina, through the natural parks (Sibillini, Monti della Laga, Gran Sasso)
  • Organization of cultural meetings, “The Saturday’s afternoons”, focused on topics of general interest (historical, archaeological, naturalistic, anthropology) with the participation of experts.
  • Participation, with its own booth, to events organized by the Municipality of Cascia and the Tourist Service of the Valnerina
    Raising funds for the publication of two books carrying news taken from Acts of the Municipal Archives of the epoch (research carried out by ns. Socio)
  • Organization, with accompanying, of excursions reserved for patients with mental handicap and hosted in a structure of Cascia
    Construction, with the Community of the Augustinians of Cascia, guides intended for pilgrims in the context of the project “the paths of Santa Rita”
  • Organization, with accompanying, the excursions targeted for hiking associations coming from Rome and from Marche