The Polisportiva Castel Giorgio

The Polisportiva Castel Giorgio is an independent association, no-profit organization, free and volunteer work in the territory for over a decade affiliated from 2012 to the FIE ( Federazione Italiana Hiking) and from 2015 to the UISP.
It dealsagc with recreational activities, running fitness, football, cycling and trekking. It deals with hiking and everything rotates around the themes of environment, promoting the awareness and the exploitation of the territory by reviewing its history and traditions. Each year it arranges a calendar with hiking and trekking opportunities for all tastes and with various levels of difficulty, from easy to more difficult.fie

The territory is far approximately 20 km from Orvieto and is located on the Altopiano dell’Alfina, on the border between Umbria, Lazio and Tuscany.

uispFundamental principle is the dissemination and awareness of the importance of sport in the open air as a physical and mental discipline that every person with its mode and potential, within the association, decides to share with those who have the same feeling, the same passion thus constructing a true brotherhood. Most of all there is the educational value of sport understood in dual valence to educate “through” the sport and “for” the sport. This means to emphasize the power universally recognized to the sport as a vehicle for positive values.


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