The Circolo Arci Bagnara (Bagnara, Nocera Umbra)

Circolo Arci Bagnara

The Circolo ARCI Bagnara is a social association no-profit, founded in 1999 as social aggregation during the earthquake of 1997 . Its brand new structure is located in the central square ” Fulvio Sbarretti ” in the fraction of Bagnara ( 650 mt ) in the town of Nocera Umbra. Thanks to the collaboration with the Agricultural University of Bagnara ( institution that is concerned with the conservation of a large territorial area comprising part of the m. Nib 1572 mt ) was born the affiliation to the FIE with the purpose of promoting its naturalistic excellence and culinary.

Circolo Arci Bagnara 2These two realities of pure volunteers devote passion in the development of activities such as trekking and mountain bike excursions. As already mentioned, the mountain that forms the backdrop to this enchanting reality and the Monte nib that with its 1572 mt stands out majestically on the borders umbro – offering opportunities for breathtaking views up to the Adriatic sea. Within Walking on all of its sides is on foot and by bike thanks to the presence of trails well maintained and thanks to the accompanying certificates FIE that do a good job of welcome.

A few hundred meters from the center of the country you can visit the source of the Topino, water rich in history for the properties Property Fichera , many ‘ which was cited by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy . Even St. Francis was a guest of this beautiful area, shortly before his death to treat themselves with these popular waters.

Circolo Arci Bagnara 4About 2 km downstream of the source the course of the river lends itself to become spectacular pyrotechnic and; in fact, thanks to the presence of rocky gorges, shape of the waterfalls, calls ” the Ferce”, a ten-meter only in the area.

The country every year welcomes tourists and visitors also foreign lovers of tranquillity at night and with the passion of excursions on foot or bike, offering accommodation in the resort compound from wood large dependances with all the comforts.
Contacts: Stefano Beni, beni.stefano@libero

Circolo Arci Bagnara 3