FIE Association Viatores Umbro-Sabini









The Association, no-profit organization, was born on January 2nd , 2010 and has actually about 80 members. Viatores in latin translates “walkers”, is in the nature of what you do want to play; were added the two terms Umbro-Sabini because the association is located at the intersection between Umbria and Sabina.
The objectives are to:

1) Becoming reference for a culture of hiking in a group.
2) Contributing to the activation of the local trails, rediscovering and we require that prospective developers paths in our magnificent woods.
3) Being cultural reference in the territory.
Is held approximately 2 excursions per month, one of which is in area and another in neighboring areas also associations with friends, FIE in primis.

There is a very good relationship with the schools of the neighboring municipalities and  you want to develop further the loaf of the hiking youth. For the past three years has managed a green area “La Pinetina” that has been upgraded and you want to increase in optical courses toward young people, given its proximity to the schools of Calvi. From September 2015 will begin our 1ST course of A. E. R. (Companion Regional Hiking) in Calvi dell’Umbria.
Were reactivated and marked over 30 km of trails in the town of Calvi dell’Umbria and Otricoli from next year will be launched an “adopt paths” to further involve the Members in this work of primary importance, even in view of participation in the design of a trail map of the area that will be available from January 2017.

There are many cultural events such as free books, Cinema , participation in events, courses in Tai chi, flea markets to free trade, collaborations with the Avis.
Tel: 335-7498660