Walking, Hiking, Trekking

fielogosmallThe word “Escursionismo” is also indicated by trekking or hiking. Trekking derived from English verb to trek, which means to walk slowly or even have a long journey.  The second derives from English verb to hike, which means to walk.
Travelling, walking, observing, visiting places … Escursionismo is a term that lends itself to various interpretations. The F. I. E. thinks that walking is a way to discover
small corners of the world more or less known, “browsing” and rediscovering the pleasure of moving slowly, walking, and silently, observing and hearing things that normally escape the perception. Retrieving the contact with the environment, listening to the noises of the forest and the breath of the wind. Seeing with new eyes, knowing how to grasp the details and the signs left by the man. The F. I. E. also identifies in the walking slowly, an important means to enhance and make known territories and naturalistic areas.
This is the term most commonly used to indicate the activity of walking in the midst of nature, but also the one used most improperly because the term “trekking” means to walk on “wild” paths (woods, trails, mountains … ), and to stay outside in tents or makeshift shelters.
HIKING means:
It is a phisical activity, very similar to the “escursionismo” with the only difference that prevails over the strength and physical speed of the people while they walks without stopping to observe the components and naturalistic landscapes that are present in the simple walking slowly.